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BB023WF BB023WF Smart Electronics 3D Printing Accessory Filament Tracker/Counter
Know how fast your printer is actually printing. Watch filament usage as it happens. See peak, current and rolling average printing speeds. Automatically shows filament used per print job by sensing print job start and end and the time for each print job. A printing speed chart is generated per print job and the chart data can be downloaded from the device, locally. This can measure printing speeds up to 2000mm/s. Printing speed data is also sent out the micro USB connector during the print, if you want the data that way.
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BB023 BB023 Smart Electronics 3D Printing Accessory Filament Spool Tracker/Counter
BB023 is used with 3D printers. It will allow you to keep track of how much filament is left on the spool. It will remember up to 10 spools!
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This is the Excel spreadsheet that will calculate how much filament is left on a spool. It is included with the BB023 Filament tracker but can be purchased alone if it is all you want. You can use it to track as many spools of filament as you want, no limitations.
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This is a paperback log book that can be used to keep track of your 3D printing filament spools. Keep track of spool dimensions and wieght as well as the full spool mass and length. Use this log book to record the current length after your prints. (8x10 inches) or (6x9 inches).
New fillable PDF version with built in spool length calculator on Etsy (8x10) 3D Printing Filament Log Book and Calculator - PDF, 8x10 format, Editable
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This is a simple and inexpensive tool used to quickly push out a clog from the hotend. Simply insert into the hot hotend and push as needed to force the clog out the nozzle. In some extreme clogs, it may be better to remove the nozzle first. Length is 20cm long ($14.00) or 14cm long ($12.00), stainless steel.
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This interactive PDF is meant to be used as both a reference and a tutorial on NPN and PNP transistors. It doesn't explain a lot of the math or show all the derivations of the formulas but it does give some explanation of the process as well as a good view of how the design is accomplished. Simulation results are used to verify the examples. After using the methods in this interactive PDF a few times, they will become second nature and you will be able to build upon them with your own style of design. The information and methods in this book can and should be used as a tool and a building block for your future design work.
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This is a paperback lab book that can be used to write down your notes, thoughts or record test results. Each page includes a grid section and a blank section. There is also a refernce section at the end of the book containing physics constants, equations and other useful information.
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This is a python macro to be used with FreeCad and KiCad for the generation of PCB coils. Two versions are here, one that can be integrated into FreeCad and the other is a Windows EXE version. The output of this macro is to be cut and pasted into the KiCad PCB file. I modified the script to work with FreeCad and added a GUI but I did not create the spiral calculation code. (Find original here: JoanTheSpark on GitHub) Instructions: instructables
Windows Executable:
Python Script: