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BB003 Shadow Chaser
A wonderful robotic toy for those who like to learn and experiment with electronic things. It can follow, chase and push a ball across the floor.
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BB008 DC Motor Driver
DC motor control board. It has both, the common parallel control/data interface as well as an I2C serial interface. It can control small DC motors up to 500 mA. (Higher values on special order.) It is easily interfaced to any micro controller of any size. (Including the Raspberry Pi - example C code available) 
More Info, order here.
BB013 Motor Controller
BB013, is a microcontroller based board designed to control a motor
driver board.(BB008) Application software is included, compatible
with: WIN98, NT4, WIN2000 and XP. This product has nine simple commands.
More Info, order here.
BB014 General Purpose Microcontroller
BB014, is designed to serve multiple scenarios. With this product you can easily design a compact and smart device complete with the ability to communicate through industry standard RS232, I2C or use a parallel interface. Example of embedded application software is included, compatible with: WIN98, NT4, WIN2000 and XP.
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BB017 Ultrasonic Ranger
BB017, is useful for many projects. With this small (2x2.5) printed circuit board, you can easily incorporate sonar ranging, obstacle avoidance and more into your product. This is great for robot applications!
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